(...) The Małgorzata Seweryn graphics contain deep philisophical thought and intelectual message. They are a form of dialoque with receiver about the sens of existance and creation. This creative relation to the surrounding reality brings works, which are so to say little treatises wrote by language of the art. They are Diffrent than a word, however suggestive and obligative to reflection. We may disagree with the artist, but it is difficult to remain neutral torwards her graphics.

The life for Małgorzata Seweryn is a game, a challange which requires taking new choises and decisions continously. This is proved by the common motive, which links lithographies.

Chess symbols and figures on freely draw chessboard create an atmosphere of mysteriousness and disquiet, but is not human commonplaceness composition of light, its various shades and darkness. It is immemorial crossing the borders of right and wrong, beauty and ugliness, joy and sadness. Artist's graphics by their names ('Alone', 'Strategy of moving', 'Encounter', 'Royal Couple' or 'Pilgrim') are qualification attempts of game rules called life and looking for proper solutions. It is impossible to look at graphics cursorily, it is neccessery to think them over attentively. (...)


Jan Ja?niak            
(The text from the 'Życie Katowic' weekly magazine, nr 2, 17th September 1998