From photography to graphic


The graphics and exlibrises of M. Serweryn are displayed at the exhibition opened last week in the Public City Library gallery in Piekary ¦l±skie. These are just samples of the artist's works - she is also a painter and a photographer.

The beginnings of exlibris date back to the 16th century, when it became popular in Germany, France and England. Its creators include the most brilliant artists, such as Dürer, Holbein Junior and Cranach. However, it was the 18th century that became the period of development of library signage.

Exlibris became a collector's item and a theme for original exhibitions. Many bibliophiles or even common book collection owners have their own exlibris, sometimes even a few of them. A book with one's own library sign is a proof of the owner's care and interest.

At first, M. Seweryn's exhibitions focused on exlibris - she has many of such works. Her first works were made for herself and her friends, the next ones - for celebrities from the world of culture: Wisława Szymborska, Czesław Miłosz, and photographer Edward Hartwig.

However, the exlibrises are not the artist's main form of art. Above all, Małgorzata Serweryn creates lithographs - she has already made over 80 graphics using this technique. She creates single works of art on any topic, as well as limited lithographic cycles. Apart from lithography, she also expresses herself in such graphic techniques as: linocut, screen-printing, sometimes etching and monotype.

Gosia Seweryn is born in 1971. She has finished Fine Art Institute of Pedagogical University in Częstochowa in Poland in 1998. Laureate of I-st Rector's Award of Pedagogical University for attainments in work in 1997/1998. ...

'Gwarek', nr 24, Piekary ¦l±skie,17th June 2003