''Lonely as I am, I want to hear this noise''
Julia Hartwig


What attracts one's attention in the works of Małgorzata (Gosia) Seweryn is certainly her consistency in using motifs. She is loyal, from the beginning, to cloisters, arcades, angels and spaces reaching far beyond the picture frame. She uses each motif deeply, multiplying perspectives. This favours continuous reflection upon sorrow, loneliness and waiting.

The architecture in her previous pictures is securely arranged in a stable geometrical order. In her later works, it gradually begins to dance in a peculiar manner, put into motion - to a large degree - by the artist's liberated imagination. Finally, in the watercolours lit up with orange, one can see the world liberated from the laws of physics.

Among the soft shapes flowing between planets of sashes and warm colours, however, sharp shapes, metal arms and spikes appear.

The space begins to be visited by figures, most of them angels feminine in appearance.

In these works, one can see the specific duality that is usually present in a woman's life: M.Seweryn is torn apart between tough reality and dreams accompanied by excessive emotions. She often finds it difficult to communicate with the outside world. Lonely, she is endowed with angel wings, wings that are a symbol of unselfish good and sincere feelings.

Among the motifs in the works, the crown prevails, like the dot over the "i". The wearer of the crown is delicate and sensitive. In spite of that, or perhaps because of that, she continues to be the queen of being.


Mariola Konieczna  
(text from flyer of the exhibition in Obornicki Osrodek Kultury,
Oborniki Slaskie, Poland, 2006)