The Exhibition Space.
photo: Jean-Pierre Vingerhoed
The Exhibition Space.
photo: Jean-Pierre Vingerhoed
The Exhibition Space and giant Chess.
photo: Jean-Pierre Vingerhoed
Gary Kasparov during game.
photo: Jean-Pierre Vingerhoed

      Artist  GOSIA SEWERYN  has presented 'Chess Lithographies' within Antwerp Chess Event in Arenahal in Deurne-Antwerp in Belgium (19 - 27 of August).
      The Antwerp Chess Event was organised by City Antwerp, Ons Schaakgenoegen Kempen and Piet Roelen Productions. Chess star of the event was Worldchampion Gary Kasparov.
     GOSIA SEWERYN  during lasting of this event presented 26 colourfull lithographies inspired by game of chess.
     Chess in the Gosia Seweryn lithography cycle have motive performing various functions. First of all, they are - as chess figures - a concrete sign carrying representation of life shapes through the symbol: a king, royal couple, a knights - horses, pawns - people. Behind these signs of concrete figure shapes are hidden traditional conceptions (defined by game rules), possibilities of movements, conflicts and situations: march, jump, encirclement, attack, defence, check, and checkmate at last. These various positional arrangements - from static to extremely dramatic - receive different solutions of composition. The atmosphere of disquiet and mysteriousness accompanies them. Fate of chessmen modifies into living human matters. Edges of chessboard and squares of fields do not keep their limits imposed, black-and-white quadrangles deforme, a space of game widens, fullfils squares of fields and streets. The architecture - houses, arcades, portals - adds a concrete to the images. Casted shadows strengthen the atmosphere of threats, tensions and events. This may be solitude of isolated man-figure, or irresolution of pawn - pilgrim standing at the parting of the ways, or at last the final extermination of main character (checkmate).
        These impressions with metaphorical structure, cause content association, which connect abstraction of the game with reality of human existance.



      exhibition in GELDROP, Holland  (2005)
      exhibition in  ANTWERP,  Belgium  (2003)
      exhibition in  CZĘSTOCHOWA,  Poland  (2003)
      exhibition in  AACHEN,  Germany  (2002)
      exhibition in  GLIWICE,  Poland  (2002)
      exhibition I  in  KATOWICE, Poland  (2001)
      exhibition II in  KATOWICE, Poland  (2001)
      exhibition in  GLIWICE, Poland  (2001)
      exhibition in  ANTWERP, Belgium (2001)

      exhibition in  LAAKDAL, Belgium  (2001)
      exhibition in  LIER, Belgium  (2000) 
      exhibition in  Antwerp-Deurne, Belgium  (2000)
      exhibition in  TARNÓW, Poland  (1998)